7 May 2012


In late April I received the result of TAOP assessment.

I achieved a PASS with 62% (2:1 standard). This was encouraging and about as good as I could have hoped for given that it took under 10 months to do the whole course and managed it all online. Am very unlikely ever to complete this course so the assessment for me is more about a marker for how things are going and whether to keep going with further courses. I know my limitations as regards academic photography and it is more important to me to maintain a good pace and keep time taken to minimum by using a blog rather than paper.

The breakdown was:

Technical and visual skills 28/40
Quality of outcome           12/20
Creativity                        10/20
Context                           12/20

Unsurprising really - I am not that imaginative and had put in conclusion that perhaps this course had not helped me as much in this direction as I hoped. But pleased to be 2:1 standard in the other three categories and indeed First standard for Visual and Technical Skills, this is encouraging as I want to return to club photography after finishing with OCA and these skills are very important for competitions.

OCA say few Firsts are awarded so one must assume that 62% is a good result. Whatever, it has given me enough confidence and enthusiasm to progress with People and Place. Have already questioned new tutor about the meaning of context and what exactly quality of outcome refers to; as a result of comments on the second I may print images for assessment for P&P on her suggestion, my one concession to paper.